Powermadd offers a variety of ways to raise your snowmobile handlebars.  If you are not sure why you would raise your bars, click on the "Why Raise Your Bars" for more information. Most sleds can accept a 2-3" riser with no modifications to the throttle cable or brake line, but to be sure just unbolt your handlebars and see how much room you have.

Raising your bars is easy when you use our Riser Fitment Chart!

Non-Pivot Riser Blocks

Non Pivot Risers install between your handlebar clamps and your flat top steering post.  They are the easiest, least expensive way to raise your bars, but while they will raise your bars, they will also push them back a little depending on the angle of your steering post.  Made from extruded 6061-T6 aluminum each block comes complete with the necessary longer mounting bolts.  Most snowmobiles will accept up to a 3" Riser Block without any cable modifications.  If you need to lengthen your throttle cable or brake line you can use our Throttle Cable Extension Kit or Extended Length Brake Lines - see Related Products links below.
Pivot Adapter Kit

Allows the handlebar and rider to move forward, optimizing the center of gravity of your snowmobile for better handling and control (like the Ski-Doo MXZ-REV chassis concept.).  Handlebars can be pivoted forward or back from original stock position.  Pivot Adapter raises bars an additional 1.25" and must be used with PowerMadd Pivot Riser Blocks.  Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for maximum strength.  Most snowmobiles can accept a Pivot Adapter and a 2" Riser Block without extending cables or wiring.  Pivot Adapter Kits will fit all snowmobiles with flat-top steering posts.
Pivot Style Riser Blocks w/Bolts & Clamps

Pivot riser blocks are designed to be used on stock "T" style steering posts or on flat top steering posts with the PowerMadd Pivot Adapter. If your sled has a "T" post you can easily raise your bars by replacing the stock pivot riser with a longer
Snow 3" Pivot

Universal Pivot Adapter works on all brands of snowmobiles with flat steering post!
Universal Pivot Adapter raises bars 3” and can be used without additional riser blocks. Dual pivot points allow for bars to be positioned front to back and rotated up or down. Use additional riser blocks to increase bar height an additional 1", 2" or 3”. Works great on mountain style bars because it is only 3.25" wide.
PowerRiser 325

The 325 riser is 3.25" wide to fit all snowmobiles (and some ATVs) with 7/8" bar clamps. The one piece design is made from solid aluminum for superior strength. Provides dual pivot points for optimum bar positioning. Two models available - 7/8" to 7/8" for standard bars and 7/8" to 1 1/8" for converting to oversize bars
Adjustable Risers
Extended Length Brake Line
Polaris Pro Taper
2' Riser Kit
Power Flexbar
Bar Clamp
Polaris Pro Taper 2in Riser Kit
Pivot Style Riser Blocks

The Pivot riser is tapped so that is works with your stock handlebar clamps and existing bolts