1 2   V O L T    C E L L   P H O N E   C H A R G E R
How many times have you been out on the trail and your phone dies because of searching for a signal or from the cold temperatures? PowerMadd has an inexpensive solution! Our 12 Volt Cell Phone Charger installs easily to any machine with a 12-volt battery. The charger has a replaceable 2-amp in-line fuse and a micro USB connector. The charger will work with all phones with a micro usb charging port (will work with iPhones but requires adapter - NOT INCLUDED). Does not draw voltage from battery when phone is disconnected.

The PowerMadd Riser Bag (Part# 73603) works great with the Cell Phone Charger!
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Fits any ATV, Motorcycle, Snowmobile or UTV with a 12 volt battery.
- Requires 12 DC volts

- Micro USB connector

- 2-amp in-line fuse for system protection

- Installs easily

- Compatible with most Android, Windows phones and iPhones(requires adapter).
8 ft. 10 in.
Note: This cell phone charger can only be powered by a 12 volt DC battery. If connected to an AC electrical system, damage to the cell phone may result.

iPhone 3-4 users: A micro usb to 30 pin adapter is required.

iPhone 5-6 users: A micro usb to lightning port adapter is required.

5 volts, 1 amp
Note: If you have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and are having a charging issue, please contact PowerMadd. 651.462.8465
This cell phone charger, like all cell phone chargers hooked to your car cigarette lighter will discharge your battery at a very small rate even when not connected to a phone.  If your machine is to be sitting for longer then two weeks we suggest disconnecting the cell phone charger from the power source.  To eliminate this problem the cell phone charger can be connected to a keyed power source.  We can send you T-taps connectors at no charge and instructions to do this.  Email techsupport@powermadd.com