Part # Description Price
45400           Universal 3” Pivoting Riser    $80

Add on extenstion blocks:

45401           Universal Extension Block 1"$25
45402           Universal Extension Block 2"$30
45403           Universal Extension Block 3”$35
Universal Pivot Adaptor works on all brands of snowmobiles with flat steering post!
Raises bars 3”
Dual pivot points allow for maximum handlebar positioning 
Use Extension Blocks as an easy way to increase bar height an additional 1", 2", or 3”
(If you want to go higher than 6" check out the Pivot Adaptor and Pivot Riser Blocks)
Works great on mountain style bars because it is only 3.25" wide
Kit comes with everything you need to install on any snowmobile with a "flat-top" steering post.
Pivot Adaptor Kit
Extended Length Brake Line
Throttle Cable Extension
Power Flexbar
Bar Clamp
Seat Wedge