P O W E R  B L O C K
Part#    DescriptionPrice

43599     PowerBlock                        $50.00
43594               PowerBlock w/lever         $60.00
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Our race-proven PowerBlocks are made from T6 aluminum and are stronger than stock plastic blocks. 
The PowerBlock - 43599 - offers two pivot positions for larger carbs and a two piece design for easy installation.  This bock requires a Arctic Cat FireCat throttle lever.  It will also work on a Polaris or Ski Doo when used with our Throttle Extension Cable and a Firecat Throttle Lever.
- Arctic Cat Lever Part # - (0609-797 - ball end) & (0609-368  barrel end)
The PowerBlock w/lever - 43594 - is thinner and comes with our custom lever which is shorter than most stock levers.

43594  PowerBlock w/Lever
43599   PowerBlock
NOTE - Some snowmobiles come equipped with a throttle safety device to shut down the machine in the event that the carburetors were to stick open. The PowerBlock and PowerBlock with Lever will shut off spark to your engine when activated if these devices are left in working order.
- Arctic Cat Lever Part #
(0609-797 - ball end) & (0609-368  barrel end)