P I V O T  R I S E R  B L O C K S
Pivot Adaptor Kit
Extended Length Brake Line
Throttle Cable Extension
Power Flexbar
Pivot riser blocks are designed to be used on stock "T" style steering posts or on flat top steering posts with the PowerMadd Pivot Adaptor.  If your sled has a "T" post you can easily raise your bars by replacing the stock pivot riser with a longer PowerMadd pivot riser.  The Pivot riser is tapped so that is works with your stock handlebar clamps and existing bolts, or the clamps and bolts provided with the matching PowerMadd Pivot Adaptor (click here to view).
NOTE - check your handlebars to make sure they are wide enough for this riser block.
Wide Pivot Risers
Standard Pivot Style  Riser Blocks - 4.25" wide
This riser is designed to be a taller replacement for the Nytro stock 2.5" riser.  4" is as tall as you can go without changing the brake line and throttle cable.
NOTE - Requires clamp and bolt Kit 45474 when replacing the adjustable riser on Arctic Cats.  (will NOT work with telescoping steering post). 
Narrow Style Riser - 3.125" wide
Yamah Nytro Style Riser
- 3.125"
Bar Clamp
Seat Wedge
  ---------WIDE PIVOT STYLE RISERS (4.25" wide)---------    
Size       Arctic Cat 1    Polaris 2        Ski-Doo        Yamaha 3
2"   45539    45540      45541    45539
4"   45527    45528      45529    45527
4"     n/a   n/a  n/a  n/a
6"   45530    45531      45532    45530
7"   45543    45542      45544    45543
8"   45533    45534      45535    45533
10" 45536    45537      45538    45536
NOTE - Yamaha requires PowerMadd's Yamaha Pivot Adaptor - 45583
NOTE - Will not work on flat top steering posts

Fits: 2008-2013 Nytro RTX
NOTE. Standard Pivot Riser will work on most flat top steering posts with the use of a Pivot Adapter 45581-3.
1. Fits Arctic Cat 2000-2016 models with 4.25" wide pivot risers. Will also work with 1994-1999 with the use of Pivot adapter kit 45581.
2. Fits Polaris 2002-2016 models with 4.25" wide pivot riser. Will also work with 1988-2001 with the use of Pivot adapter kit 45581.
3. Fits Yamaha with the use of Pivot adapter kit 45583
4. Fits 2012-2019 Arctic Cats with 3.125" narrow pivot riser. Bolt and clamp Kit 45474 required when used to replace stock adjustable riser.
5. Fits Polaris 2003-2019 models with 3.125" narrow pivot riser. Requires bolt kit 45475 on narrow pivot riser models 2003-2009.
6. Fits 2014-2019 Yamaha SR Viper with 3.125" narrow pivot riser.
7. Fits 2008-2013 Yamaha Nytro RTX.
NOTE - Requires bolt Kit 45475 when used on: 2003-2009 Polaris snowmobiles with narrow 3.125" wide riser.
  -------NARROW PIVOT STYLE RISERS (3.125" wide)------
Arctic Cat  4   Polaris 5   Yamaha SR Viper 6 Yamaha Nytro7
  n/a  n/a      n/a45564
NOTE - Will not work with Pivot Adapter.
Narrow Pivot Risers