C A R G O  C A D D Y
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Redesigned to fit most models, the ultimate cargo carrier stows a multitude of trail items from extra oil to beverage cans (up to five cans).  Foam cushions top and bottom hold items securely in place.  Unique interior design allows you to create multiple storage compartment configurations with supplied dividers.  Universal mount fits directly on top of clutch guard without modifications.  A belt clip is included to hold a spare belt securely around the CargoCaddy.  Installs in minutes with simple hand tools.  Custom brackets are included for all brand specific models.
CargoCaddy FAQs
Q: Why does the universal model look the same as the brand specific models?

A: The main plastic box is the same for all models, but different mounting brackets and instructions come with each brand specific model so the CargoCaddy can be mounted to the clutch cover in an orientation that will fit under the hood.

Q: How do I keep the spare belt from hitting the coil wire on my Polaris Edge?

A: On some Polaris Edge models the coil needs to be unbolted from the air box, rotated 180º and refastened to the air box. This will give adequate room between the spare belt and the coil wires.