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Flat Post

With a flat post you have many options:
  - Straight Riser Blocks
  - Universal Pivoting Riser
  - Pivot Adaptor + Pivot Riser Block
  - New - PowerRiser325
Each is explain further below.
"T" Style Post

With a "T" post you can change your bar height by simply replacing your existing pivot riser block with a higher one.
Raising your bars can make big difference in comfort and control.  Putting your bars at the right height can ease steering, reduce back fatigue and make it easier to ride while standing.  Before you raise your bars you need to know how high you want to go.  The best way to figure this out is by removing your top handlebar clamps and lifting your bars to the height you want.  If you want your bars higher than your brake line or throttle cable, you can extend those with PowerMadd extended brake lines and throttle extensions.

There is more than one way to raise your handlebars, in fact there are four options which are all explained below.  First though you need to know what type of steering post you have - Flat Top or "T" post.  Compare the pictures below to you sled and then choose an option.  If you need more information or have additional questions, call us at 651.462.8465 and we'll be glad to help you out. 
Extended Length Brake Lines
Option 1 - Straight Riser

Raises your bars 1"-5" at the same angle as your steering post, so it will most likely push your bars back a little as well.
Option 3 - Pivoting Riser Block

Requires a "T" Style Post. Allows you to pivot your bars front-to-back for better positioning.  You can convert a Flat Top Post to a "T" Style Post with a PowerMadd Pivot Adaptor.
Option 2 - Universal 3" Pivoting Riser

Fits on any snowmobile and raises your bars 3" and allows you to pivot them front-to-back.
Option 4 - PowerRiser 325

2" one peice pivoting riser fits any snowmobile with 7/8" bar clamps. No modification to stock cables is needed. There are two models - 7/8"-to-7/8" and 7/8"-to-1 1/8"
Why raise your handlebars?
Steering Post Styles
Flat Post Riser Options