S E N T I N E L   M O U N T   K I T
Part #PriceDescription

34452$40.00ATV & Off Road Motorcycle
34454$40.00Snowmobile (Hayes Brake)
34269$40.00Tri-Mount (ATV/Moto/Snow)
The new Sentinel Mount Kits are designed to be more universal and easier to install than the Star Series Mount Kits. The shape of the mounting bracket has been changed to allow more space around levers. It can be installed over the top or underneath the levers. Mounting kits are made of aluminum brackets, hardened steel straps and stainless steel hardware for longer life.
34450 and 34452 can mount near the grip so they will work on standard 7/8" and oversize (1 1/8") bars.  34269 works only on 7/8" bars.
Tri-Mount Kit

This kit can be used on ATVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles when room on the bars is hard to come by.  This kit mounts past the bend in the bar so there is no need to move levers or controls.  Works great on utility ATVs and snowmobiles with larger control modules. Note - fits 7/8" bars only.  Use 34450 or 34452 for oversize (1 1/8") bars.

These mounts are for the Sentinel guards only!
34269 - Tri-mount
34450 Installed on Snowmobile
34450 - Sentinel Snow Mount
34452 Installed on ATV
34452 - Sentinel ATV/MX Mount
ATV &  Motorcycle Mount Kit

This kit is designed to be more universal and easier to install on ATV's and Motorcycles.  Note - requires bar modification on Yamaha Grizzly & Kodiak '07-current - or use 34269.

34454 Installed on Snowmobile w/Hayes Brake
34454 Hayes Brake
Snowmobile Mount Kit

This kit is designed to work with snowmobiles that have a Hayes Brake.

Fitment: Arctic Cat '12-'18; Polaris Axys '15-'19; Yamaha SR Viper '13-'18, Sidewinder '17-'18

34269 Installed on ATV
34269 Installed Snowmobile
34454 - Sentinel Hayes Brake Mount
Snowmobile Mount Kit

The throttle bracket has the ability to mount between the grip and throttle lever, allowing the throttle lever to straddle the mounting bracket.