S E N T I N E L    H A N D G U A R D
PowerMadd is excited to introduce our latest handguard offering! The Sentinel Series Handguard is designed to be the most stylish, durable and funtional handguard to date. The Sentinel guard is larger compared to the Star Series which in turn gives you more protection. The mounting brackets are 6061 aluminum, while the guard itself is made of two different types of plastic—a stiff two piece spine for durability, and a softer colored body for flexibility.
Part #      Description

34401   Ski Doo Yellow / Black
34402   Red / Black
34403   Green / Black    
34404   Blue / Black
34405   Orange/ Black 
34406   Suzuki Yellow / Black
34407   Honda Red / Black
34408   White / Black   
34410   Black / Black     
34421   Blue / White
34420   Black/Pink
34423   Black/Green 
34424   Pink/Black - NEW
(Guards Only)

$40.00 $40.00
Sentinel Handguard Mounts
Sentinel Handguard Accessories
Hand Wrap
Sentinel Hand Wrap
Removeable Vent Cover
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LED Light Kit
Limited Edition Sentinel Handguards