Protect your hands from flying debris, branches and the cold!  
TrailStar Series Handguards & Accessories

Trail Star Handguards give you the same great protection as the Star Series Handguard without the removable vent cover. They work with the Star Series aluminum ATV/MX, snowmobile, and Tri-Mount universal mounting kits; as well as the optional Mirrors, Hand Wraps, Gauntlets, and Flares. (Note: will not work with the snap-in extensions.  )

Power-X Series Handguards & Accessories

They're Flexible!
An all new concept in handguards! Designed specifically for motocross the PowerX Handguard
features a flexible mounting system that was engineered to flex on impact and rebound back to position.
The PowerX provides great roost protection while being more durable and longer lasting than other rigid MX guards.
All PowerMadd handguards come with our exclusive
1 Year No Questions Asked Warranty
you break it, we replace it!
Star Series Handguards Mounts
Fits: Star Series & TrailStar
Fits: Star Series & TrailStar
Fits: Star Series & TrailStar
Star Series Handguards Accessories
Race Flare
Star Series Extension
Hand Wrap
Vents Covers
Handguards Accessories
Star Series Handguards & Accessories

Get the ultimate in hand protection for your ATV, motorcycle,  and snowmobile with the Star Series Handguard.  Remove the vent covers for better airflow, while still protection your hands from flying roost, branches and debris.  Snap the vent cover back in to block more wind for cooler weather.  Optional accessories include:  Trail Mirrors and a Hand Wrap Attachment for side protection.  For added cold weather protection there are snap-on extensions, Flares and Gauntlets that keep your hands warm and dry.

Sentinel Handguards & Accessories

PowerMadd is excited to introduce our latest handguard offering! The Sentinel Series Handguard is designed to be the most stylish, durable and funtional handguard to date. The Sentinel guard is larger compared to the Star Series which in turn gives you more protection. The mounting brackets are 6061 aluminum, while the guard itself is made of two different types of plastic—a stiff two piece spine for durability, and a softer colored body for flexibility.

34250 - Star Series Snow Mount
34252 - Star Series ATV/MX Mount
34269 - Tri-Mount
LED light Kit
Sentinel Handguard Accessories
Hand Wrap
Sentinel Hand Wrap
LED Light Kit
Sentinel Handguard Mounts